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Low Cost, Long Distance Monitoring - Anytime, Anywhere


Monitor remote equipment with the ioSelect AIRIO-MCU-02. The AIRIO- MCU-02 is a remote monitor with GSM and GPRS capability which takes advantage of the ever growing GSM wireless network. The AIRIO-MCU-02 has 2 configurable analog input channels, 4 digital input channels, and 4 relay output channels. The analog input channels are configurable for industry standard current and voltage levels (0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, or 0-10 VDC). The digital input channels accept up to 24 VDC (> 3 V = true). The output relays can connect voltages to 7 A @ 250 VAC. Configure alarm conditions and have the MCU-02 respond: locally - via the relays; globally - by sending an SMS or E-mail message when those conditions are present. The messages sent are programmed by the user prior to installation. The trigger to send the message can be based on an analog level alone or a combination of analog and digital conditions using Boolean logic. No analog levels are sent unless they have been included as text in the configured message. The relay outputs may also be controlled by SMS messaging further extending the realm of possible applications (see the manual for more detail). The AIRIO-MCU-02 is an advanced, effective, and economical solution that fulfills remote monitoring application needs.

For more details on this product line, or for specific assistance with your application, contact ioSelect.

Server Utility - AirioMCU Server Setup/Configuration Utility


• Basic GSM/GPRS Monitoring (Antenna Included)
• Analog & Descrete Sensor Reporting (Time and Event Based)
• Messages Sent and Local Relay via User Defined Logic
• SMS (GSM) and E-mail Capable with GPRS
• Browser Configuration (RS-232 cable included)
• Status LEDs
• 12 VDC Power
• DIN Rail Mount (TS 35)

Ordering Information:
AIRIO-MCU-02: GSM/GPRS Monitor and Controller