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Solutions for Industrial Measurement & Control

Industrial Wireless 

ioSelect has an extensive family of wireless communications products (Ethernet, Serial, and Cellular) all capable of bringing back remote data you need. We have products that work in a wide variety of applications (including Class 1 Div 1 hazardous areas), and all our products are license free, easy to apply, and affordable.

Distributed Automation

Our family of Distributed IO modules and controllers provide both convenience and ease-of-use, allowing you to quickly expand legacy systems that require Modbus, Profibus, CANopen, or Ethernet. All modules are DIN rail mounted and offer a wide variety of signal interface options.

Remote Telemetry

Our family of remote monitoring products are the most powerful and flexible available today. They are used worldwide in all types of applications and environments. With more than 45,000 units installed worldwide the Kingfisher and TBox family of products have the products and experience for the most demanding SCADA applications.

Signal Conditioning

ioSelect offers a complete and comprehensive family of signal conditioners, isolators, alarm trips, math units, and loop splitters in a number of packaging & power options. From high density DIN rail mount units, to compact 2-wire transmitters, to industry standard plug-in replacements (standard and special), we’ve got you covered.

ioSelect Helps Companies Improve the way they Monitor and Manage Equipment, Processes, and Assets – One Measurement at a Time

This simple and straight forward value proposition represents a vast market opportunity.  Virtually every organization has equipment to maintain, processes to control, and assets to maintain.  The ability to do this efficiently and effectively is vital to any company. The problem is that much of this data is locked in propietary systems or is not even monitored at all.  If companies could effectively gather this process data then their overall profitability would grow.

This is why we have geared our entire core strategy – people, products, and technology – to help companies solve these real world problems. We know what it takes to unlock information, from any process, machine, or latent asset.

Optimized process measurements enable organizations to transform inefficient business processes, overcome technological boundaries, and improve overall information flow. Improving the way people and processes interact and distribute knowledge spurs productivity innovations in dramatic ways. This will open doors to a wide range of benefits, from reduced costs to greater operating efficiency to improved responsiveness of emerging customer needs.

Freed from inefficient or routine tasks, people are able to focus on what they do best, which creates enormous value for companies. When organizations achieve new levels of productivity, they inspire their employees to reach for new and more ambitious goals.

Leadership in Process Measurements

When it comes to getting a measurement from a sensor or a machine, in any environment, no body does it better than ioSelect. With the industry’s most complete offering of signal conditioners, isolators, and transmitters, we can measure anything that moves. With our vast offering of power and packaging options, we can satisfy the needs of both new and retrofit/replacement application requirements.

Leadership in Industrial Device Connectivity

ioSelect is also widely recognized as a leader in device connectivity, especially when it involves the connection needs of dissimilar equipment. Our ability to provide both standardized and custom device interfaces enables the connection of devices that were previously too costly to connect. When tied together with our other connectivity products (wired or wireless) we can provide an effective means to seamless enterprise integration.

Leadership in Industrial Wireless

We have been involved with the specification, design, and deployment of industrial wireless technologies for the past several years. There is one thing for certain: no one wireless technology fits all industrial application requirements. This is why we specify and install multiple technologies.

World Class Customers

Our customers are primarily Fortune 500 manufacturers, industrial equipment builders, or anyone with a process, machine, or asset to monitor. Industries served include chemical, oil & gas, power & utilities, semiconductor, metals, mining, automotive, and pharmaceutical.

Customers include world’s leading companies such as Cummins Diesel, Applied Materials, Novartis, Alcoa, Behr America, Solutia, John Deere, Continental Airlines, and many utilities and municipalities. ioSelect products are also used by the world’s largest automation companies including Honeywell, Siemens, ABB, and Invensys.

Growing with the Market

Founded in 2003, ioSelect Incorporated is headquartered in San Diego, CA. We have operations worldwide, including product manufacturing in North America, Europe, and Australia; data centers in North America and Europe; and a network of more than 150 engineering and sales support partners around the world.

The company is privately held and managed closely by our founders and business partners.

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