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Industrial Measurement IO

Process Automation Made Simple: e.bloxx Measurement Modules The e.bloxx family of modules provides laboratory quality measurements in a compact, industrial DIN mount package. Every e.bloxx module has an internal CPU and fully programmable settings including selectable... read more

Digital I/O Modules

16 Digital I/O CANopen Module- ZC-16DI-8DO ZC-16DI-8DO Digital I/O To see the Data Sheet for ZC-16DI-8DO, click here: 16DI-8DO Data Sheet Key Features: • Power Supply: 10-40 VDC, 19-28 VAC • Max Consumption: 2.5 W • Isolation: 1.5 kVAC (3 way) • Digital Inputs: 16; Nr... read more

4-20 mA Current Output Modbus RTU I/O

 ioPro 8AO-I: 8 Channel Current Output Module The ioPro family of distributed rtu and Modbus modules provides a comprehensive set of high density DIN rail mount IO modules, controllers, ioMappers, and wireless data links that allow modular, scalable system expansion... read more

Wireless IO Remote Monitoring

Industrial IO for Wireless Flow Temperature and Level Monitoring of Rivers and Waterways Many rivers and streams all over the US are monitored for flow, temperature and level. The information is used by multiple agencies in each state. The cost of maintaining manual... read more

Remote Telemetry Whitepapers

We have complied an assortment of whitepapers that describe applications involving remote telemetry and SCADA. Look to see if any of these applications are similar to your own. Take advantage of the latest technology and how learn how it can be integrated into your... read more

RTU Processor Module with IO Scanning, Logic

High-Performance Scalable, Modular RTU The Kingfisher Plus+™ advanced RTU has been designed as an enabling technology for today’s measurement and control systems. Kingfisher Plus+ removes technical constraints that have traditionally limited RTU applications. A broad... read more

Universal Isolated Signal Converter

 Isolated Compact Signal Converter UniPak UP307B The UniPak HD Model UP307B is a configurable, DC powered, DIN rail mount RS232 to RS485 converter with 1500 volt isolation between the serial ports and power. The dip switch selectable communication rates offer... read more

RTD Input Head-mount 2-Wire Transmitter

Programmable 2-wire Configurable Transmitter        IOS-T120 ioSelect two-wire transmitter products are loop powered and provide a 4-20 mA DC output proportional to the temperature or current they are monitoring. These products are designed and manufactured by Seneca... read more