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Strain Gauge I/O Bridge Input Isolating Module Z-NET Z-SG by ioSelect

Bridge Input Isolating Strain Gauge IO Module Z-SG

The UniPak™ model Z-SG/UP448 provides configuration for the most popular load cells and measurement spans commonly used: 1 mV to 128 mV with a 5 V excitation. This translates to load cell sensitivity of 0.2 mV/V to 25.6 mV/V. The unit has a configurable DC current or voltage output. This flexible unit also has a Digital I/O port that may be used as either a digital input (Tare) or output. The Z-SG/UP448 completes its unprecedented flexibility by including a standard serial communication protocol, Modbus RTU or CANopen compatibility, via RS485 bus or direct via RS232. PC Configuration software is available for enhanced operation and Modbus/CAN register configuration. LEDs on the front indicate status and power and provide feedback for status and digital communications.

Key Features of IOS-Z-SG Strain Gauge Bridge Input Module:
• 6-wire Bridge Connection
• Excitation for 1 to 4 350 Ω Load Cellsbr /> • 1500 Volt (3-way) Isolation
• Excellent Accuracy (0.01%)
• DIP Switch Configuration
• Digital Input Tare Calibration
• RS485 Modbus RTU
• Superior Flexible Power: 10 – 40 VDC or 19 – 28 VAC (50-60 Hz)
• DIN Rail Mount (35 mm)
• Removable Terminal Blocks

For more information about IOS-Z-SG Bridge Input Isolating Strain Gauge Module, click here: Z-NET Z-SG Bridge Input Isolating Module
To Request a Quote, click here: Strain Gauge IO Bridge Input Module Z-SG

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Wireless I/O Stack Emissions Monitoring DAQ-Protecting the Environment from Coal Power Gasses

Distributed I/O-Redundant Fiber to Current Repeater Data Acquisition (DAQ)

A utility company needed to upgrade the stack emissions monitoring systems used on their coal fired power plants. The new probes required more power and had more output signals than the previous system. It was important that the new system have built-in redundancy for power and communications, something standard emissions analyzers did not provide. The power company approached a variety of monitoring system providers, but only ioSelect had a system flexible enough to meet their needs.

Distributed Flexible I/O-ioPro

Distributed Flexible I/O-ioPro

• High reliability and overall system availability (Redundant: power to probes; communication links)

• Initially use fiber optic, but have an option for wireless (Radio) if desired in the future

• Make the system easy to use and maintain (minimal training to service personnel)

• Easily expand channels with out running more wire.

Based on these needs, ioSelect developed a system that is now deployed at a number of the utility’s facilities and has been proven to exceed all the utility company’s requirements. The installation consists of two enclosures with mostly ioSelect standard products (ioPro-8AI-I-ISO, ioPro-16DI, ioPro-8AO-I, ioPro-4RO, CommsPak Fiber to 485 Converter, and PowerPak 24VDC Power Supplies), configured and integrated in a unique way. The ioPro IO modules used in the utility’s units have robust 1500V isolation and have been proven to be reliable in these harsh environments.

The ioSelect system has been running efficiently and reliably since installation.  For more details about this application, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/application%20notes/ioselect-redundant-fiber-to-current-repeater.pdf

For more information about ioSelect Wireless DAQ IO Monitoring modules, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/distributed-io-iopro.html

To Order or Get a Quote, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/quote.html

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Wireless Distributed IO High-Density Controllers Mappers: Modbus I/O made Easy!

The ioPro family provides a comprehensive set of high density DIN rail mount IO modules, controllers, ioMappers, and wireless data links that allow modular, scalable system expansion for any application. With ioPro you just snap the modules together on a DIN rail, wire up your sensors (no isolation or signal conditioning required) to the removable front panel screw terminals, connect your Modbus, Ethernet, or Wireless connection, and go!  ioPro offers the industry’s most flexible and cost-effective way to expand existing systems, or satisfy new projects alike.  For more details contact ioSelect.


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Industrial Measurement IO

e.bloxxProcess Automation Made Simple: e.bloxx Measurement Modules

The e.bloxx family of modules provides laboratory quality measurements in a compact, industrial DIN mount package.

Every e.bloxx module has an internal CPU and fully programmable settings including selectable input types, linearization, calculations, filtering, alarming, and sensor failure detection. The e.bloxx units are designed to operate in the most extreme environments and connect easily to a host of legacy system interfaces with an open, easy to configure architecture.

The e.bloxx series is designed for industrial process and experimental test systems requiring precise high speed measurement of electrical, thermal, and mechanical quantities. All units are based on a clean modular design, and easily connect to the wide variety of field devices used in today’s test beds. Sample rates up to 5000 Hz and resolutions up to 19 bit are possible depending on the module and signal type used. Standardized communication protocols (Profibus-DP and Modbus-RTU) allow the e.bloxx family to work with a wide variety of application hardware and software.

Manufactured in Europe by our partner company Gantner Instruments GmbH, the e.bloxx has been proven as the module of choice for high demand users in the process, factory automation, and test & measurement markets.   ioSelect provides a full family of complementary hardware and software for e.bloxx. 

For more information about e.bloxx distributed io measurement solutions,  click here: http://www.ioselect.com/distributed-io-ebloxx.html

To Request a Quote or Applications Assistance, click here :http://www.ioselect.com/quote.html


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Distributed I/O 8 Channel Isolated Modbus RTU: ioPro-8AI-I-ISO

Distributed Flexible IO Modbus RTU 8 Channel DAQ for Extreme Temperature Ranges- ioPro™ 8AI-I-ISO  by ioSelect

Distributed I/O Modbus RTU TCP

Distributed I/O Modbus RTU TCP

The ioPro family provides a comprehensive set of high-density DIN-rail mount I/O modules, controllers, ioMappers, and wireless data links that allow modular, scalable, system expansion for any application.

Using standard Modbus addressing, up to 127 modules can be connected together. ioPro supports input to output module “Mirroring” (for cable concentration applications), and with an array of logic, mapping,and interface options. Even the most complex application requirement can be met with ioPro.  The ioPro 8AI-I-ISO inputs are fully isolated from input logic and between inputs.  This module is ideal for monitoring existing current signals which are isolated from each other and cannot be connected to a common point of reference.


• Flexible Modbus-RTU IO Module
• 8 Channels of Current Input 0 (4) to 20 mA
• LED Status Indication on all Channels
• Operating Temperature: -40˚ to 80˚C
• 1500V RMS Isolation
• Fully Compatible with the ioPak WDL Radio
• Works with the ioPro IOMAP for Simple Mirrored IO

Click here for more detailed information about ioPro http://www.ioselect.com/datasheets/iopro/ioselect-iopro-8ai-i-iso.pdf

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RTD Distributed IO CANopen 4 Channel Analog DAQ: ZC-4RTD

High Performance High Speed DAQ for Long Distance Distributed IO Applications

ZPC modules easily integrate with existing CAN legacy systems, with standard CANopen interface that does not require couplers, controllers or repeaters.


    •  •Power Supply 10..40 Vdc, 19..28

•Vac Isolation 1.5 kVac (6 way)

•Accuracy 0.05%

•A/D resolution 14 bit

•Channels 4

•Input Range Pt100  w Input Range Pt100 (-200..+650°C); PT500 (-200..+750°C); Pt1000(-200..+210ºC); Ni100 (-60..+250°C)

•Response time < 20 ms

•Supported Protocols CAN bus standard (2.0A), CANopen (CiA 401 v.2.01)

•Dip-Switches Baud rate and ID Node configuration

•Operating Temperature -10..+65

•Dimension (W*H*D) 17.5 x 100 x 112 mm

For more information about ZC-4RTD Input module, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/datasheets/seneca/seneca-zc-4rtd.pdf

To Order or Get a Quote, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/quote.html

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Modbus RTU Distributed IO Digital Output: ioPro 16DO

16 Digital IO Channel Modbus RTU Output Module by ioSelect

ioPro ioPro 16DO is a 16 open collector (NPN) digital output module. The outputs may be used to drive lamps or external relays when more drive capability is required. The outputs are isolated from the logic and they share a common negative terminal.

• Flexible Modbus-RTU IO Module
• 16 Channels of 24 VDC Output
• LED Status Indication on all Channels
• Operating Temperature: -40˚ to 80˚C
• 1500V RMS Isolation
• Fully Compatible with the ioPak WDL Radio
• Works with the ioPro IOMAP for Simple Mirrored IO

The outputs are read or written to by the Modbus master device such as a PC or PLC. Each output can be individually switched on or off, or all outputs can be set up at the same time by writing a single number to the output register which represents the state of all outputs.

An output watchdog timer can be configured to switch off all the outputs if there has been no communications with the module for up to 255 seconds. A value of 0 seconds will disable this timer and the outputs will remain in the last commanded state (Default).

For more information about ioPro 16DO digital output RTU module, click here:

For more information about ioSelect Wired or Wireless Distributed IO, click here:http://www.ioselect.com/products.html

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Signal Conditioners Distributed Wireless IO – ioSelect has the Total Solution

Remote IO, Signal Conditioners, SCADA IO, Profibus Modbus CANopen: ioSelect Custom System or Integration/Engineering Solutions

Industrial Wireless SolutionsioSelect has an extensive family of wireless communications products (Ethernet, Serial, and Cellular) all capable of bringing back remote data you need. We have products that work in a wide variety of applications (including Class 1 Div 1 hazardous areas), and all our products are license free, easy to apply, and affordable.

Distributed IO SolutionsOur family of Distributed IO modules and controllers provide both convenience and ease-of-use, allowing you to quickly expand legacy systems that require Modbus, Profibus, CANopen, or Ethernet. All modules are DIN rail mounted and offer a wide variety of signal interface options.

To learn more about ioSelect Signal Conditioners, Remote & Distributed IO, 900mHz Radios, and more, click here: Remote IO Signal Conditioners Distributed IO

Signal Conditioning SolutionsioSelect offers a complete and comprehensive family of signal conditioners, isolators, alarm trips, math units, and loop splitters in a number of packaging & power options. From high density DIN rail mount units, to compact 2-wire transmitters, to industry standard plug-in replacements (standard and special), we’ve got you covered.

To Request a Quote or Applications Assistance, click here: Quote/Applications Request ioSelect

Our family of remote monitoring products are the most powerful and flexible available today. They are used worldwide in all types of applications and environments. With more than 45,000 units installed worldwide the Kingfisher and TBox family of products have the products and experience for the most demanding SCADA applications.   Remote Telemetry Solutions

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Digital I/O Modules

16 Digital I/O CANopen Module- ZC-16DI-8DO

ZPC SeriesZC-16DI-8DO Digital I/O

To see the Data Sheet for ZC-16DI-8DO, click here: 16DI-8DO Data Sheet

Key Features:
 Power Supply: 10-40 VDC, 19-28 VAC
 Max Consumption: 2.5 W
 Isolation: 1.5 kVAC (3 way)
 Digital Inputs: 16; Nr 8 with totalizer @ 32 bit (max 10 kHz); TPDO < 1 ms
 Digital Outputs: 8, 32 bit (max 10 kHz); Mosfet, max 500 mA per channel, Vext: 5-30 Vdc; RPDO< 1,25 ms
 Supported Protocols: CAN bus standard (2.0A), CANopen (CiA 401 v.2.01), ModBUS RTU
 Dip-Switches: Baud rate and ID Node configuration
 Operating Temperature: -10 to +65°C
 Dimensions (WxHxD): 35 x 100 x 112 mm
• Power Supply 10..40 Vdc, 19..28 Vac

To Request a Quote or Assistance, click here: Request a Quote 16DI-8DO






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Programmable microPLC RTU IO Controller: ioPro PM102

Compact IO Controller with Modbus RTU TCP & Ethernet Communication

The ioPro™ PM102 PLC has been developed as a compact controller with a versatile combination of communication ports. This controller enables the user to program their own unique logic requirements and not be restricted by a pre-programmed unit or hard wired relays and timers. The unit is programmed in ladder logic with ioSelect’s free LogiSoft Windows-based PC software. It is used to generate the ladder diagram, compile the program, and then download the program to the PM102 via the Ethernet (TCP/IP) port on the front of the unit. It supports Modbus-RTU on the serial ports and Modbus-TCP on the Ethernet port, so communication to other devices or SCADA software is straightforward.

• Ethernet and 2 x RS485 Communication Ports

• Free Windows-based Ladder Logic Package

• Slim DIN Rail Mounted Package

• LED Status for Power and Communications

• Operating Temperature: -40˚ to 80˚C

• Works with all ioPro™ Modules or other Modbus-RTU and Modbus-TCP Devices

For more information about ioPro™ PM102 io controller, click here  http://www.ioselect.com/datasheets/iopro/ioselect-iopro-pm102.pdf

To Order or Get Applications Help, click here http://www.ioselect.com/quote.html

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