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SCADA Wireless Distributed I/O Remote Telemetry Signal Conditioning-Solutions by ioSelect

ReFlexIO Wireless Cable Replacement

ReFlexIO Wireless Cable Replacement

Wireless Telemetry, SCADA, Distributed IO,Signal Conditioning-Intelligent Solutions for Industrial Connectivity

ioSelect is your one-stop shop for high quality, high-performance, wireless IO, Distributed IO, Remote Telemetry, SCADA, and Signal Conditioning Solutions.  Our product line up represents the latest in technology, with packaging flexibility suited for a wide variety of applications and environments.  Whether you need stand-alone devices or sophisticated, integrated systems, our team of applications and engineering professionals are ready to help.  We provide the flexibility and convenience you need as many items are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Need help designing your new system or adding to and updating your existing system? Give us a call and let us know how we can help.   We are ready to solve your data acquisition (DAQ) issues and offer solutions for your specific application.

For more information about wired/wireless distributed io SCADA, click here: Wired/wireless distributed io SCADA

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4-20 mA Current Output Modbus RTU I/O

 ioPro 8AO-I: 8 Channel Current Output Module

The ioPro family of distributed rtu and Modbus modules provides a comprehensive set of high density DIN rail mount IO modules, controllers, ioMappers, and wireless data links that allow modular, scalable system expansion for any application. With ioPro you just snap the modules together on a DIN rail, wire up your sensors (no isolation or signal conditioning required) to the removable front panel screw terminals, connect your Modbus, Ethernet, or Wireless connection, and go!  Each channel can be set to output a current in the range 0 – 20mA. The outputs are isolated from the logic and share a common negative terminal.

For more information about ioPro 8AO-I, click here:   ioPro 8AO-I 8 Channel 4-20 mA Output RTU


• Flexible Modbus-RTU IO Module
• 8 Channels of Current Output 0 (4) to 20 mA
• LED Status Indication on all Channels
• Operating Temperature: -40˚ to 80˚ C
• 1500V RMS Isolation
• Fully Compatible with the ioPak WDL Radio
• Works with the ioPro IOMAP for Simple Mirrored IO

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ioPro ModBus Wireless IO System by ioSelect: Build Your Own Guide

Wireless Modbus i/o: ioPro by ioSelect

Learn how to build your own wireless system using our ioPro modules. We explain the different modules you need for your specific application. Don’t waste  time and money buying modules that you wont end up using. Our guide explains what each module provides. We can ship the modules to you or integrated  as a complete system ready to work right out of the box. Let us help you determine the appropriate antennas and other accessories you will need.

ioPro System Selection Guide

ioPro ModBus IO Modules

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Wireless Industrial Antennas Cables Lightning Protectors

Omni-directional Wireless Whip Antenna/Uni-directional Pole-Mount Yagi Antenna/Omni-directional Antenna for Pole or Enclosure Mount

• Complete Set of Qualified Accessories Antenna Wireless Accessories
• Everything for a Robust System Deployment
• Up to 20 Mile Range (Line of Sight)
• License Free Operation (FCC approved)
• Solar Options Available
•Lightning protectors LPG-NFNF, LPG_NMNF
•Wireless NEMA 4 Enclosures
•Radio Adapter Cables


For more information about wireless industrial antennas cables and more, click here: Wireless Radio Antennas Cables

ioSelect has a complete range of industrial wireless I/O accessories, including antennas, cables, lightning protectors, solar power accessories, or complete integrated ‘IO-Ready’ enclosures, including enclosures and antennas for installation in Class 1, Div. 1-2 environments. For more information about Industrial Wireless Radio Solutions by ioSelect

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Wireless IO DAQ Selection Guide: Industrial Monitoring & Control

etherwave_image2Industrial Wireless IO Solutions by ioSelect:  Check Our Easy Selection Guide

ioSelect has an extensive family of wireless communications products (Ethernet, Serial, and Cellular) all capable of bringing back remote data you need. We have products that work in a wide variety of applications (including Class 1 Div 1 hazardous areas), and all our products are license free, easy to apply, and affordable.

The biggest advantages of wireless I/O Monitoring & Control options are reduced installation cost and increased convenience. Why install cable when wireless I/O communications can be utilized at a fraction of the cost? Having to lay conduit, obtain permits, hire labor, and renting out the required machines are eliminated from the picture. Wireless I/O Monitoring & Control systems are easy to install and configure; your system will be up and running faster. Inquire today about wireless I/O site surveys to ensure your application is suitable for a wireless I/O system.

To determine the best modules for your system, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/datasheets/selection-guides/ioselect-industrial-wireless-selection-guide.pdf

To Order or get Help with an Application, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/quote.html

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Wireless I/O Remote Point-to-Point Monitoring & Control

Wireless Telemetry , Point-to-Multipoint IO, SCADA, Monitoring & Control Solutions: ioSelect Cable Replacement Systems

Distributed IO-Wireless Monitoring & Control

Distributed IO-Wireless Monitoring & Control

Intelligent Solutions for Industrial I/O Control & Monitoring

ioSelect is your one stop shop for high quality, high performance wireless IO, distributed IO, and remote telemetry products.  Our product line up represents the latest in technology, with packaging flexibility suited for a wide variety of applications and environments.  Whether you need stand-alone devices or sophisticated integrated systems, our team of application and engineering professionals are ready to help. We provide the flexibility and convenience you need as many items are in stock and available for immediate delivery.  Give us a call and let us know how we can help you. We are ready to solve your data acquisition issue.

Get more information about Industrial Wireless, Distributed I/O, Signal Conditioning, and Remote Telemetry solutions by ioSelect, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/products.html

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TBox WM Wireless Monitors Class 1 Div 1 & 2 Ratings & Battery Power

Weatherproof , Wireless, Remote, Monitoring is Now Possible with TBox Wm!

Monitor any asset, regardless of location or available power! The fully integrated, IP67 / Nema 6, weatherproof T-Box WM includes single or redundant lithium batteries, wireless communication device, I/O for end device interfacing, and optional liquid crystal display. Using push messaging via e-mail, text, or IP communications, the Wireless Monitor best utilizes inexpensive, public networks and informs multiple recipients of alarms, live conditions, and historical data logs.www.ioselect.com

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Wireless Ethernet I/O for Industrial Environments

The EtherWave WER allows you to build your own long-range, non-line-of-sight, point-to-point, or point-to multipoint wireless Ethernet solution that can enable fringe Ethernet devices, including SCADA clients, remote instruments, IP Cameras, VoIP phones, digital signage, or security systems. The EtherWave WER offers the ideal combination of price, range, data rate, security, interference avoidance, quality-of-service, and
ease-of-use. The EtherWave WER is the best solution when:
• A broadband Ethernet drop will cost too much or is impractical to install
• Wi-Fi is too slow due to saturation or 2.4 GHz interference (airport/mall/PTZ cameras)
• Ultra-low current consumption is required (1 Watt/solar powered systems)
The EtherWave has built-in web browser management screens that make it easy to install and maintain – including a Spectrum Analyzer, QoS statistics, network settings, and firmware upgrading capabilities.
For more details on this product line, or for specific assistance with your application, contact ioSelect.

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Wireless IO Remote Monitoring

Industrial IO for Wireless Flow Temperature and Level Monitoring of Rivers and Waterways

Distributed IO-Wireless Monitoring & Control

Distributed IO-Wireless Monitoring & Control

Many rivers and streams all over the US are monitored for flow, temperature and level. The information is used by multiple agencies in each state. The cost of maintaining manual methods is prohibitive to taxpayers. Bringing water-way monitoring systems into the 21st century provides cost savings and the ability to predict outcomes well in advance. The solution is to put in place a system to do the following:

1. Monitor the temperature and flow rate of the water.
2. Monitor the water level and warn if the level is too high or too low (set points).
3. Wirelessly report current temperatures, flow rates, water levels and alarms back to a central display station in the resource management department where they are logged and trended.

The solution is to use ioSelect Airio wireless sensors, the AirioGate and ioPro WDL radios to gather flow, temperature and level information at strategic positions and relay the information to central databases.

For more information about Airio Wireless Sensors, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/industrial-wireless-airio.html
To learn about ioProWDL wireless radios, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/industrial-wireless-ioprowdl.html
Read this Application Note, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/application%20notes/ioselect-waterway-monitoring.pdf

Request a Quote or Application Help, click here:  http://www.ioselect.com/quote.html

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Universal io Bridge Input Isolating Signal Conditioner- UniPak UP448

UniPak Model UP448 Configurable for Most Load Cells and Measurement Spans.

Universal Signal Conditioner by ioSelect

Universal Signal Conditioner by ioSelect

1 mV to 128 mV with a 5 V excitation measurement. This translates to load cell sensitivity of 0.2 mV/V to 25.6 mV/V. The UP448 has a configurable DC current or voltage output. The UP448 also has a Digital I/O port that may be used as either a digital input (Tare) or output. The UP448 completes its unprecedented flexibility by including a standard serial communication protocol, Modbus RTU, via RS485 bus or direct via RS232. The UP448 may be a Modbus slave. PC Configuration software is available for enhanced operation and Modbus register configuration. LEDs on the front indicate status and power and provide feedback for the Modbus communications.

• 6-wire Bridge Connection

• Excitation for 1 to 4 350 Ω Load Cells

• 1500 Volt (3-way) Isolation

• Excellent Accuracy (0.01%)

• DIP Switch Configuration

• Digital Input Tare Calibration

• RS485 Modbus RTU

• Superior Flexible Power: 10 – 40 VDC or 19 – 28 VAC (50-60 Hz)

• DIN Rail Mount (35 mm)

• Removable Terminal Blocks

For more information about UniPak UP448 Universal Bridge Input Isolating Signal Conditioner, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/datasheets/unipak/ioselect-unipak-up448.pdf

To place an order or get a quote, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/quote.html

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