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Remote Ethernet IO – ioSelect Inc

Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP IO, Profinet Solutions for Remote IO, Distributed Process Control & Automation

ioPro & ISM Distributed IO, e.bloxx Test & Measurement IO, CANopen IO: Easy Remote and Distributed IO Solutions for any application. Our products are engineered to provide complete custom or integrated solutions for your specific situation. Not sure what you need? Tell us about your project and one of our pre-sales engineers will help with recommendations for products, services, and support.

One Call, That’s All    http://www.ioselect.com/contact.html  We have the experience and know how to assist with your most demanding or simple measurement and connectivity challenges – Fast and Easy!

We specialize in Remote IO, Remote Asset Monitoring, Tank-Level Measurements, complete Wireless SCADA Systems, Monitoring solutions including software, integration and start-up support for unique applications and environments.
See our complete line of Industrial Process Control, Profinet, Modbus and Wireless IO Solutions:  Remote Ethernet IO Process Control SCADA Solutions

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Wireless SCADA Telemetry 900MHz Radio

License Free Telemetry Solution for Remote I/O Monitoring with Event Logging



ReFlexIOKey Features of ReflexIO™:

• Obstacle Penetrating Wireless Mirrored IO System 
• 2 x AI, 2 x AO, 2 x DI, and 2 x DO 
• Range of up to 20 Miles (Line of Site) 
• Does Not Interfere with Wi-Fi Networks 
• Multi-Function Display 
• 128 bit Encrypted Payload Protection 
• Simple Plug and Play (Easy to Setup) 
• NO FCC License to Operate or Install 
• Event Logging 
• 3 Operation Modes: Back to Back, Remote IO, or Modbus Slave

For more information about ReFlexIO Wireless 900 MHz Radio Systems, click here:ReFlexIO 900 MHz SCADA Radio System

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“Future-Proof” Natural Gas Flow Measurement DAQ Computer

TFlo gas flow computer provides compatibility and connectivity with legacy or future devices – for easy and immediate data acquisition and notification.  Accurate measurement begins with digital MV transmitter interfaces, 16-bit A/D analog inputs, and calibration support.  The 400 MHz ARM9, 32-bit processor executes multiple-meter run calculations, including AGA8 Detail, in a matter of milliseconds. Via e-mail, FTP and text messaging, TBox LT2 provides instant notification of alarms and live conditions as well as timely reporting of gas measurement information to multiple recipients.  By removing the complexity that is inherent in gas flow configuration environments, the TFlo software’s menus simplify all user interactions. Clear dialog boxes distinguish gas flow parameters from flow computer communications and hardware set-up parameters. Device-agnostic Web pages make information available to users anywhere with connectivity to virtually any mobile device. With WebForm™ Studio 2.0 Webserver, users can quickly customize Web pages to meet specific requirements. No coding or programming is required.  Contact ioSelect for more information.  (858) 537-2060

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RTU SCADA Remote Telemetry Monitoring & Control: TBox LT2-530

Remote telemetry automation with RS232, RS485, ethernet, 3G option and 26 I/O points.

The TBox LT2 RTU integrates advanced automation, web server, alarm notification plus data logging with Ethernet and wireless communications in a single, rugged module with RS232, RS485, USB, a communications option such as 3G, up to 26 I/O points and a backup battery charger. TBox LT2’s  compact all-in-one architecture provides up to 50% cost savings over systems that combine PLC, communications and SCADA components. Now all remote assets and processes are under your control and within reach.


  • Agnostic HTML5 web server with a simple drag and drop WebForm Studio Editor
  • Powerful PLC features
  • Instant alarm notification and scheduling
  • Smart Data Logging
  • Security suite with authentication, encryption, firewall, HTTPS, SFTP, FTPS, SMTPS, VPN and SSH
  • IP Pass-through, file transfer, e-mail, text messaging
  • SNMP and Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  • Modbus (Master and Slave), DNP3 (Master and Slave), DF1, IEC60870 Slave Protocols, and many more
  • Ethernet, USB 2.0, RS232, and RS485 ports
  • Integrated wireless cellular communications
  • Micro SD card for local archives, program backup, and remote start-up
  • Mixed I/O configurations up to 26 points
  • I/O expansion
  • Embedded backup battery charger
  • ADK application software development kit
  • Certified to -40° to 70 ° degrees C operating temperature range
  • Class I, Division 2 hazardous area approval

To request applications assistance or speak with a technical engineer about TBox LT2-530 or other TBox options, click here: Applications Assistance/Information

For more information about TBox remote monitoring solutions, click here: TBox LT Datasheet

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Wireless Cable Replacement 900MHz FHSS Radios



The ReFlexIO is a wireless telemetry solution that enables remote monitoring of virtually any device. Fitted with onboard, license free, Spread Spectrum technology, ReFlexIO allows you to reach that device or system that would prove too difficult or costly with cable. The ReFlexIO system is designed to operate as a wire replacement device, ideal for secure I/O transfer in any application. The ease and convenience of the system’s secure wireless link makes it ideal for monitoring the level of a tank or controlling a pump.


• Obstacle Penetrating Wireless Mirrored IO System 
• 2 x AI, 2 x AO, 2 x DI, and 2 x DO 
• Range of up to 20 Miles (Line of Site) 
• Does Not Interfere with Wi-Fi Networks 
• Multi-Function Display 
• 128 bit Encrypted Payload Protection 
• Simple Plug and Play (Easy to Setup) 
• NO FCC License to Operate or Install 
• Event Logging 
• 3 Operation Modes: Back to Back, Remote IO, or Modbus Slave

For more information about ReFlexIO Wireless Cable Replacement, click here: Wireless Cable Replacement Radios ReFlexIO

To request a quote or applications assistance, click here: Request a Quote/ Assistance

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Rugged Compact SCADA RTU IO Control: TBox Lite


T-Box Lite RTU is a Compact, Economical, I/O, SCADA Telemetry Solution

The T-Box Lite is an all-in-one package that brings full web server technology, SMS reporting, small measurement, and telemetry outstation applications in a low cost SCADA solution. Our compact, standard design, and innovative technology enable real-time access, anywhere, with a standard web browser. T-Box LITE is an ideal solution for small applications requiring up to 32 I/O points. The self-contained system gives you everything needed to create high-performance, yet economical SCADA, and telemetry outstation applications. Now, you can receive alarms at your site remotely using a cell phone. Automatic alarm escalation allows maintenance personnel to receive unacknowledged alarms and innovative push technology allows you to receive alarms as they happen without having to poll a device.

Key Features of the T-Box Lite ™ I/O module:

– Onboard Web-Server Technology

–  Rugged Alloy Finish

–  Advanced Programming

For more information about T-Box Lite RTU, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/remote-telemetry-t-box-lite.html

To Order, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/quote.html


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Wireless Remote Asset Monitoring IO Solutions

Remote monitoring of critical assets with ioSelect sensors, Wireless 900 MHZ radios, data loggers, and I/O Controllers.


Wireless IO Monitoring & Control

Wireless IO Monitoring & Control

ioSelect Airio wireless sensors, the AirioGate and ioPro WDL radios are used to  gather flow, temperature and level information at strategic positions and relay the information to central databases. This system is perfect for remote sites with limited access  or difficult communications situations such as water/wastewater facilities, remote tanks, rivers and water channels. The monitoring system is designed to read temperature values from a temperature, level,  or pressure sensor. These units are wirelessly connected to an AirioGate which gathers and transmits the data through as many ioPro WDL radios as necessary to get to the Master station which typically has a graphical operator interface terminal that logs the regional data , displays on screen trends, and allows PC access for data archive and further analysis. Reliable wireless communications is a key requirement for any asset monitoring or SCADA system. The cost of running wire is prohibitive in many locations and physically impossible in many remote areas. The ioPro WDL robust 1 Watt, 900 MHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) radio communications link is immune to electrically noisy facilities and provides reliable communications between the remote units and the master. It can also be deployed as a repeater in environments where required.

Read about a current River Monitoring application by clicking here – http://www.ioselect.com/application%20notes/ioselect-waterway-monitoring.pdf


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SCADA RTU IO Control: T-BOX Monitoring Systems

Complete SCADA Systems·Remote Asset Monitoring·IO Control Solutions·Tank-Level Measurements

SCADA RTU Programmable ControlT-BOX enables the complete integration of SCADA, telemetry, and control functionality in a single, rugged package.

All T-BOX products provide the following core functionality:
• Embedded Internet, Web server, FTP, e-mail
• Alarm management and intelligent data logging
• Programmable control
• Multi-protocol (DNP 3.0, IEC 60870-5, Modbus, TCP/IP, etc.)

For more information about T-BOX SCADA  RTU Telemetry Solutions click here: http://www.ioselect.com/datasheets/semaphore/semaphore-t-box-overview.pdf

To Request a Quote or Application Help, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/quote.html

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RTU Processor Module with IO Scanning, Logic

High-Performance Scalable, Modular RTU

The Kingfisher Plus+™ advanced RTU has been designed as an enabling technology for today’s measurement and control systems. Kingfisher Plus+ removes technical constraints that have traditionally limited RTU applications. A broad offering of proven hardware modules substantially reduces integration issues with third-party hardware and serves to minimize system design time and project risks. Modular construction efficiently adapts to the needs of individual sites. Kingfisher Plus+ cost-effectively brings advanced I/O capabilities to the RTU world. Intelligent I/O modules provide functionality such as high-speed scanning, sequence-of-events (SOE) monitoring, and fail-safe output configuration, which are normally found only in more expensive controller models.

RTU CP-12 processor module has up to three independent communication ports. Ports 2 and 3 can house option boards while port 1 is a fixed serial port (RS232C). The CP-12 has extended functionality such as redundant processor and communications support, is compatible with Ethernet based boards, and provides I/O scanning and logic functions required in any of the RTU configurations that may be applied.


• Support for Processor and Communications Redundancy
• Up to 3 Communications Ports
• 40 MHz x86 CPU

For more information about CP-12 RTU Processor Module, click here: Processor IO Module CP-12 by Kingfisher

To request a quote or applications assistance, click here: Request Help/Quote ioSelect


SCADA Wireless PLC Telemetry System with Programmable Automation – TBox

TBox -Advanced SCADA, Wireless,Telemetry Products from ioSelect, Inc.

TBox LIte by ioSelectSemaphore’s TBox telemetry systems are designed to leverage easy-to-use web technologies and inexpensive, public networks. They offer up to 50% less total installed cost per point versus traditional SCADA / PLC systems.
TBox combines alarm notification, data logging, integral web server, IP telemetry, and programmable automation in a single, rugged package. TBox uniquely supports a broad range of core functionality:

  • Using push messaging via e-mail, FTP, and SMS text, TBox will immediately notify users of alarms and live conditions in a reliable manner that minimizes communications  networking costs.
  • For compatibility with existing systems, TBox also supports “pull” messaging using SCADA protocols such as Modbus.
  • An integral web server allows TBox to manage Internet and intranet communications without a front end device and provides a very inexpensive HMI for operations and maintenance.
  • Programmable Automation using IEC 61131-3 Ladder Diagram, Basic, and Microsoft Windows Automation environments expedite configuration of automation tasks and custom calculations for virtually any remote asset or process.
  • Alarm management and data logging provide live information and historical data to multiple recipients.
  • Multi-communications via a choice of integral, communication options provide broad compatibility and mean that all remote sites are accessible. TBox communications capabilities allow use in IP forwarding and intelligent sensor gateway applications.

TBox, TBox Lite, and TBox WM are proudly brought to you by ioSelect, Inc. – your source for TBox Wireless SCADA and Telemetry Solutions!

For more information about TBox Lite: http://www.ioselect.com/remote-telemetry-t-box-lite.html

TBox WM: http://www.ioselect.com/remote-telemetry-t-box-wm.html


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