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Bridge Input Isolating IO Module: Z-NET Z-SG

 Modular, Open Standard Architecture for Distributed IO, Automation, and Signal Conditioning: Z-SG Bridge Input Module

Z-NETThe ZNET™ model Z-SG provides configuration for the most popular load cells and measurement spans commonly used: 1 mV to 128 mV with a 5 V excitation. This translates to load cell sensitivity of 0.2 mV/V to 25.6 mV/V. The Z-SG has a configurable DC current or voltage output. The Z-SG also has a Digital I/O port that may be used as either a digital input (Tare) or output. The Z-SG completes its unprecedented flexibility by including a standard serial communication protocol, Modbus RTU, via RS485 bus or direct via RS232. The Z-SG may be a Modbus slave. PC Configuration software is available for enhanced operation and Modbus register configuration. LEDs on the front indicate status and power and provide feedback for the Modbus communications.

Signal Conditioning flexibility and use made easy from ioSelect.

• 6-wire Bridge Connection
• Excitation for 1 to 4 350 Ω Load Cellsbr /> • 1500 Volt (3-way) Isolation
• Excellent Accuracy (0.01%)
• DIP Switch Configuration
• Digital Input Tare Calibration
• RS485 Modbus RTU
• Superior Flexible Power: 10 – 40 VDC or 19 – 28 VAC (50-60 Hz)
• DIN Rail Mount (35 mm)
• Removable Terminal Blocks

For more information about Z-SG Bridge Isolating Input Module, click here: Z-SG Bridge Input

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Universal Signal Conditioners DC TC RTD POT & Alarm- Unipak UP488 by ioSelect

Replace Dozens of Signal Condititioners with One – The UniPak by ioSelect… connecting the real world™


The UniPak family of Universal Signal Conditioners provide the latest in Signal Isolation, and Industrial IO process functionality available on the market today. Each UniPak product is field configurable for the specific calibration required, eliminating the need to stock several ‘fixed range’ units to support your data acquisition system requirements.

For more information on UP488 Universal DC TC RTD Signal Conditioner, click here http://www.ioselect.com/signal-conditioning-unipak.html


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Wide Ranging Two-wire Transmitters: High Performance Should Not Mean High Price


When it comes to high performance and value in two-wire transmitters, nothing beats the two-wire transmitter family of products. With universal configurability and a wide range of temperature assemblies, and accessories, specifying the solution you need has never been easier and less expensive!

The two-wire transmitter family consists of high accuracy, configurable field mount temperature transmitters, and high-accuracy transmitters for measuring AC and DC currents up to 40 amps. All two-wire transmitter products are loop powered and provide a 4-20 mA DC output proportional to the temperature or current they are monitoring.

Contact ioSelect for more details.  www.ioselect.com

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Replace Dozens of Signal Conditioners with One – The UniPak from ioSelect

The UniPak family provides the latest in Signal Conditioning, isolation, and process functionality available on the market today. Each UniPak product is field configurable for the specific calibration required, eliminating the need to stock several ‘fixed range’ units to support your system requirements.

The work horse of the UniPak family is the UP488. The UP488 can accept a variety of input types (DC V or I, TC, RTD, Pot, or Resistance) and provide a linearized DC (mA or V) output proportional (or inversely proportional) to the input signal. The UP488 can be configured either by push buttons, DIP switches, PC software, or with the handheld UniCal Universal Calibrator. This one unit can satisfy more than 80% of most signal conditioning requirements all with a single (on the shelf) unit. For the other 20% of the applications, there are a handful of wide-ranging UniPak products that specifically address these needs: including conditioners for strain gage Inputs, AC voltage or current, frequencies, and specialty functions such as DC splitters, add/subtract modules, and a range of alarm trip units with 1, 2, or 3 configurable set points. In the end, there are literally thousands of possibilities with one cohesive family of products.

For more details on this product line, or for specific assistance with your application, contact ioSelect.


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Carrier Frequency Bridge I/O Data Acquisition

e.bloxxThe e.bloxx A6-2CF carrier frequency daq module is designed for industrial and experimental test systems requiring precise high speed measurement of electrical, thermal, and mechanical quantities.

Universal bridge I/O for  full, half, quarter, inductive LVDT, strain gauge measurements with 6 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs make e.bloxx very flexible.  Key features of e.bloxx A6-2CF include:

      • Real-time signal conditioning: Linearization, digital filter, scaling, taring, arithmetic functions, alarm, limit values
      • RS 485 fieldbus interface: Profibus-DP, Modbus-RTU, ASCII
      • Frequency range 0-1000Hz (-3dB)
      • Galvanic isolation of I/O signals, power supply and communication interface
      • DIN rail mounting (EN 50022 rail)
      • Electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 61000-4 and EN 55011
      • Suitable for the most extreme environments

Learn more about e.bloxx A62CF Carrier Frequency Module, Carrier Frequency Module -e.bloxx-a6-2cf.pdf

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AccuPak Plug-In Signal Conditioners & Alarms

Accupak by ioSelect

Accupak by ioSelect

Signal Conditioners-AP4380, Strain Gauge, TC, Isolation, RTD, Plug-In Replacements;  Limit Alarms- Thermocouple, RTD, AC 

Action Pak  Plug-In Replacements Made Easy from ioSelect

With more than 30 years of experience in Signal Conditioning technology, you can trust ioSelect to have the product you need with the plug-in compatibility that you require.  This is why we offer the industry’s widest range of plugin “paks”, the AccuPak family.  From the industry standard AP4380, to one-of-a-kind specials, ioSelect is your “one-stop-shop” for all your “AP” needs.

While the AccuPak shares the industry standard pin-outs and familiar relay style packaging that proliferates instrument panels around the world, this is where the similarities end.  In just about every technical area, the AccuPak family out-performs the other “clones” in the market hands down.  For example, the AccuPak AP4380 boasts 3-way isolation of better than 1,400 V (not 500V, like some), and a 4-20mA output drive of 1200 ohms (not 500 ohms, like some), and a response time of less than 100 msec.  Spec for spec, we’re better performing, and with our lower price and quick “off-the-shelf” delivery the AccuPak is also the better value.  For all your signal conditioning needs, ioSelect has your back and your “Pak”.

For more details on this product line, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/signal-conditioning-accupak.html

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Universal IO Signal Conditioner-RTD TC Voltage Isolation: UP488 by ioSelect

Universal, Input Isolating, Signal Conditioner for RTD, Voltage, TC

Signal Conditioner UP488 by ioSelect

Signal Conditioner UP488 by ioSelect

The UniPak™ Signal Conditioner Model UP488 is flexible, configurable, and universal.  The DC current or voltage output range is DIP-switch selectable, with the following features:

• Universal Input – mA, mV, V, RTD ,TC, Potentiometer
• Excellent Accuracy
• 1500 Volt (3-way) Isolation
• DIP Switch Configuration
• Enhanced Operation via PC Software Configuration
• Superior Flexible Power: 10 – 40 VDC or 19 – 28 VAC (50-60 Hz)
• DIN Rail Mount (35 mm)
• Removable Terminal Blocks

For more product information, click here: http://www.ioselect.com/signal-conditioning-unipak.html

or see the Data Sheet here: http://www.ioselect.com/datasheets/unipak/ioselect-unipak-up448.pdf

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Universal Isolated Signal Converter

 Isolated Compact Signal Converter UniPak UP307B

The UniPak HD Model UP307B is a configurable, DC powered, DIN rail mount RS232 to RS485 converter with 1500 volt isolation between the serial ports and power. The dip switch selectable communication rates offer flexibility and ease of configuration. The module’s ultra thin package (less than 1/4” thick) makes it ideal where panel space is a premium. Other features include a power bus option, quick connection spring clamp terminals, and front panel diagnostic LEDs.

• Connect an RS485 Network to a RS232 serial PortUniPakHD
• Speed selectable from 1200 bps to 115,200 bps
• 1500 Volt Isolation between RS485, RS232 and Power
• Ultra Thin – < ¼”
• Ultra Low Power ~ 500 mW
• 19.2 to 30 Vdc Power
• DIP Switch Configuration

For more information about ioSelect UniPak HD UP307B Signal Converter, click here:  Universal Signal Converter RS232 RS485

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I/O Signal Conditioners: RTD TC DC-ioSelect UnipakHD starting at under $100!

ioSelect announces the latest advancements in technology and innovation to come to signal conditioners in a long, long time. The UnipakHD K-Line products offer big features in a small package and at an equally small price! The UnipakHD accepts DC, TC, or RTD inputs, providing an isolated DC output, all with field configurability, in a package that’s less than 1/4 inch thick! All UnipakHD units are in stock for immediate delivery and carry a lifetime warranty. Contact ioSelect for more information (877) 343-8467 www.ioselect.com


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RTD Input Head-mount 2-Wire Transmitter

Programmable 2-wire Configurable Transmitter        IOS-T120

ioSelect two-wire transmitter products are loop powered and provide a 4-20 mA DC output proportional to the temperature or current they are monitoring.

Two-Wire TransmittersThese products are designed and manufactured by Seneca Instruments, our exclusive signal conditioning partner company. With leading edge technology and a high tech manufacturing process we are able to deliver a high quality, high performance product at a fraction of what others charge for their ‘low cost’ products. Two-wire transmitters are designed to provide the performance without the sticker shock.

• RTD Input: Pt100 or Ni100
• 2, 3, or 4 Wire RTD Sensors
• Lead Length Compensation (3 & 4 wire RTD Sensors)
• Thermal Head Mounting
• Software Configuration (PC)
• 2-Wire Transmitter Output (0-20 mA, 4-20 mA)
• 0.1% Precision Class
• 16 Bit Resolution
• Wide Operating Temperature Range
• Easy PC Configuration

For more information about T120 2-Wire Transmitter, click here: T-120 Transmitter

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