Kingfisher PLUS+ Communications Options


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Kingfisher PLUS+

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Communications Options

Communication Option Boards add versatility to the Kingfisher PLUS+ RTU. The option boards plug into the communication or processor module and can be changed by opening the module case, unplugging one option board, and then plugging in another.

CP-10/11/21, MC-10/11 and LP-1 modules all use the same version of communication option boards. Some option boards are supported by all these modules and some are not (as detailed in the title for each option board).

CP-xx/MC-xx/LP-1 option boards are not interchangeable with PC-1/MC-1 option boards. CP-10/11/21 and MC-10/11 modules can have option boards installed on ports 2 and 3 while LP-1 modules can have one option board installed on port 4.