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T-Box MS
The T-BOX MS remote terminal unit (RTU) combines the power of the Internet with modular-based architecture to create a class-leading remote and automation solution. Equipped with one of the market’s most powerful processors, only T-BOX incorporates Web server technology with SMS reporting and to give you real-time access anytime, anywhere using a standard web browser.

T-BOX MS features Plug & Go technology, allowing you to distribute your full site configuration on an SD/MMC card. Your maintenance personnel can deploy it without switching on a computer. T-BOX MS features GSM telemetry data acquisition and communications.

Only T-BOX MS give you:

Onboard web server technology that eliminates the need for complex, costly SCADA softawre and expensive HMI
Powerful alarm management that sends alarms to multiple recipients, eliminating the need for 24-hour site
Onboard multimedia capabilities that allow the addition of cost-effective industrial imaging to your application
Robust, all-alloy construction that stands up to the harshest environments
Intelligent uninterruptible power supply that filters and conditions incoming power and manages standby
Communications telemetry GSM is utilized

Power Supply Modules

Power supplies provide intelligent filtering and conditioning, plus battery charging capabilities.
MS-PS-DCN - DC Power Supply -48 VDC and/or +24VDC with Battery charger + 24VDC output
MS-PS230V - AC Power Supply 230VAC (85-265VAC) or 110VDC Isolated + Battery Charger

CPU Processor Modules

Processor modules provide computing power, communications, and advanced alarm functionality, including a Web server.
MS-CPU32L - TBOX-MS 32-Bits CPU module for LINUX programmers
MS-CPU32E - TBOX-MS 32-Bits CPU module with 2 Ethernet ports + 1 RS232 + 1 RS485 + 1 IRB
MS-CPU16E - TBOX-MS 16-Bits CPU module with 1 Ethernet port + 1 RS232 + 1 RS485
MS-REDUN - Optionnal redundancy option for second MS-CPU32E placed on the same rack (licence)

Communication Modules

Communication modules provide remote reporting and communications capabilities to the system and are available in a variety of configurations.
MS-PSTN - PSTN 56K Modem + 1 RS232, not isolated
MS-GSM - GSM/GPRS Modem + 1 RS232, not isolated - antenna NOT included
MS-ETHER-1 - Supplementary Ethernet 10/100-BaseT port
MS-ETHER-4 - Four Ethernet 10/100-BaseT ports with embedded switch
MS-SERIAL - 2 RS232/RS485 ports, not isolated

Input and Output (IO) Modules

Input/output cards provide an interface to other systems/devices and support standard industrial signals.
MS-16DI - 16 Digital Inputs, 24/48V, Isolated 8/8
MS-8DI-240VAC - 8 Digital Inputs, 190-265 VAC 47/63 Hz, Isolated 1/1 - IEC61131 Type 1 approved
MS-8DI-120V - 8 Digital Inputs, 90-132 VAC 47/63 Hz or 90-132 VDC, Isolated 1/1 - IEC61131 Type 1 approved
MS-8DI-48V - 8 Digital Inputs, 20-60 VAC 47/63 Hz or 20-60 VDC, Isolated 1/1 - IEC61131 Type 1 approved
MS-48DI - 48 Digital Inputs, 24/48VDC, Isolated 24/24 - no LED
MS-16DO - 16 Digital Outputs, 24/48V 350mA open collector protected, isolated 8/8
MS-16DIO - 16 Digital Inputs + Outputs, 24V 350mA open collector protected, isolated 8/8
MS-RELAY - 8 Digital Outputs Relay, 230VAC 3A, isolated 1/1
MS-4AI420 - 4 Analog Inputs 4/20mA, 14bit, isolated 1/1
MS-8AI420 - 8 Analog Inputs 4/20mA, 14bit, isolated 1/1
MS-8AIVC - 8 Analog Inputs Voltage: -10/+10V,-20mA/+20mA, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 14bit, Isolated 8/8 - 2 Inputs out of
  the 8 can be configured with Pt100 or Pt1000 (2 wires)
MS-6RTD - 6 Temperature inputs (Pt100, Pt1000, Ni100, NI1000) 2 and 3 wires, isolated 1/1
MS-4AOVC - 4 Analog Outputs, 12bit, 4/20mA, -10V/+10V, Active, Isolated 1/1
MS-COMBO-1 - 8DI (Isolated 8/8) + 4DO (isolated 4/4) + 3AI (not isolated)

Backplane Racks

T-BOX MS allows you to configure the system the way you want via a modular-based backplane architecture — available in different sizes.
MS-RACK-1 - Rack 1 Slot
MS-RACK-5 - Rack 5 Slots
MS-RACK-10 - Rack 10 Slots
MS-RACK-15 - Rack 15 Slots
MS-RACK-20 - Rack 20 Slots

Special Modules

MS-GPS - GPS Time synchronization and Positioning Module, antenna NOT included
MS-IO-SIMUL - Simulation + Test : 8 DI (switches), 8 DO (Leds), 4AI (Potentiometers), 4AO (Leds)