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Kingfisher PLUS+



Monitoring that Goes the Distance™ from ioSelect

We specialize in Remote Telemetry, Remote Asset Monitoring, Tank-Level Measurements, complete SCADA Systems, Monitoring solutions including software, integration and start-up support for unique applications and environments.

Not sure what will work best in your application? Order our ioSolutions CD, tell us about your project and we will determine which products will best suit your requirements, budget, and schedule.

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Kingfisher RTU - Modular RTU Systems


Kingfisher RTU

The Kingfisher Series is the only remote terminal unit (RTU) line that features an embedded programming and configuration environment as well as the extended memory and power of a PLC. Kingfisher systems are well suited for large, demanding applications that employ central stations.

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T-Box LITE™ - Web Enabled RTU & SCADA Systems



The T-Box LITE is an all-in-one package that brings full web server technology, SMS reporting, small measurement, and telemetry outstation applications in a low cost SCADA solution. Our compact, standard design, and innovative technology enable real-time access anywhere, with a standard web browser.

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T-Box WM™ - Low Power Remote Monitoring


T-Box WM

T-Box WM extends advanced monitoring, automation, and telemetry capabilities to processes requiring as few as one or two measurements in locations that have no power or are hazardous in nature. Numerous, integral features built into the T-Box WM provide the functionality users need at such locations

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Z-NET™ - Distributed Automation Systems



The Z-NET family of products provides the correct balance of modularity, scalability, IO mix, functionality for projects requiring a lot of power in a small amount of space, and on a tight budget. But don't let the small size fool you, the Z-NET products pack a punch when it comes to powerful distributed automation at a single or several sites connected together.

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Software Tools - Configuration & Visualization Products


Software Tools

ioSelect provides the 'total solution' service for all of the products we sell. From custom calibrations, to custom designs, to total system integration and programming, we know how to get the job done, on time and under budget.

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