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Signal Conditioning Made Easy™ from ioSelect

AP4380, UniPakHD, DIN-mount Power Supplies, Relays, Calibrators, Cables, and Accessories: When it comes to Signal Conditioning Solutions, ioSelect has you covered. Regardless of signal type, packaging choice, power requirement, or overall feature set - ioSelect is truly the Leader of the 'Pak'. All products are available with quick delivery, custom calibration, and our lifetime warranty. If you don't see it here, just ask!

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UniPak™ - Universal Signal Conditioners & Alarm Trips



The UniPak family provides the latest in Signal Conditioning, isolation, and process functionality available on the market today. Each UniPak product is field configurable for the specific calibration required, eliminating the need to stock several 'fixed range' units to support your system requirements.

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UniPakHD™ - High Density Signal Conditioners



The UniPakHD delivers the highest density package available (less than 0.25" thick!), while still providing high performance signal conditioning, isolation, and alarm trip functionality for a wide variety and range of process signals. All units are wide-ranging, field configurable, and operate over a wide temperature range in high demanding environments.

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AccuPak™ - Plug-In Replacement Signal Conditioners and Alarms



With more than 30 years of experience in Signal Conditioning technology, you can trust ioSelect to have the product you need with the plug-in compatibility that you require. This is why we offer the industry's widest range of plug-in 'paks', the AccuPak family. From the industry standard AP4380 to one-of-a-kind 'specials', ioSelect is your 'one-stop shop' for all your "AP" needs.

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Transmitters - Configurable Two-Wire Transmitters and Assemblies


Two-Wire Transmitters

When it comes to high performance and value in two-wire transmitters, nothing beats the Two-Wire Transmitter family of products. With universal configurability and a wide range of head assemblies, temperature probes and thermo well assemblies, specifying the solution you need has never been easier and less expensive!

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Signal Conditioning Accessories - Power Supplies, Relays, Enclosures


Signal Conditioning Accessories

ioSelect has all the accessories you need to satisfy your signal conditioning requirements, including a wide range of DIN-mount power supplies, high density relay modules, calibrators, sockets, cables, and connectors. All the pieces to the puzzle tested and designed to work perfectly with our wide range of products.

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