Digital I/O Pro, T-Box RTU, Kingfisher RTU, Two-Wire Transmitters, Signal Conditioning Modules by: ioSelect, Ovarro/Servelec, Kingfisher, and Seneca Automation are proudly distributed in the US by ioSelect, Inc.

Every organization has to maintain and monitor their equipment, processes, and assets. ioSelect has been a preferred U.S. distributor of these quality, high-precision instruments since 2003. 

Our Distribution Brands

Our business provides quality products from Italy and Australia known for high-quality, precision, durability, and ease of use.  T-Box, Kingfisher, and Seneca Automation are all names known for excellence in measurement and monitoring solutions.  ioSelect is a proud distributor of these brands.

RTU I/O monitoring

How We Operate

Since 2003, ioSelect, Inc. has been a key distributor of quality RTU's, I/O measurement modules, two-wire transmitters, back-planes, and scalable Distributed Automation for SCADA and monitoring of remote assets.  

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What We Offer


  • Sensors and Two-Wire Transmitters
  • Modular, Open, Standard Distributed Automation
  • RTU Remote Terminal Units
  • Remote Asset Monitoring
  • DIN rail mount IP Technology for SCADA, Remote Telemetry


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Benefits of Our Products

With the use of a quality I/O device, you can optimize process measurements in your organization. This will help you overcome technological boundaries and improve the flow of information within your company.

Smooth Information Flow

When data is efficiently distributed, your employees can get more work done and they can quickly respond to the needs of your customers. Meanwhile, your organization can reduce operating costs.

Seamless Technological Processes

Data acquisition issues can result in inefficient or breakdown of routine tasks.  By avoiding  issues like these with precision, durable, easy to operate DAQ, your employees will have more time to focus on the information. 

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