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ioPro™ Distributed IO

ioPro 8AO-I 8 Channel Output

iopro 8AO-I

Modbus IO - 8 Channel Current Output

ioPro 8AO-I is an 8 channel current output module.  Each channel can be set to output a current in the range 0 - 20mA.  The outputs are isolated from the logic and share a common negative terminal.

The resolution is 12 bits, so writing a value to the Modbus register for each output of 0 - 4095 would give an output current of 0 - 20 mA.  The value of 819 +/- 1LSB will give a current output of 4 mA.

The module may be used a either a slave or master on a wired Modbus network.  

When used as a slave module, the outputs are written to by the Modbus master device such as a PC or PLC.

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Signal Conditioning Solutions



Universal Signal Conditioners with Isolation UniPak from ioSelect

The UniPak family of Universal Signal Conditioners provide the latest in Signal Isolation, and Industrial process functionality available on the market today. Each UniPak product is field configurable for the specific calibration required, eliminating the need to stock several 'fixed range' units to support your system requirements.

The workhorse of the UniPak family is the UP488/Z109REG. The UP488/Z109REG can accept a variety of input types (DC V or I, TC, RTD, Pot, or Resistance) and provide a linearized DC (mA or V) output proportional (or inverse proportional) to the input signal. The UP488/Z109REG can be configured either by push-buttons, DIP switches, PC software, or with a universal handheld calibrator. This one unit can satisfy more than 80% of most signal conditioning requirements all with a single (on the shelf) unit.

For the other 20% of the applications, there are a handful of wide-ranging UniPak products that specifically address these needs: including conditioners for strain gage Inputs, AC voltage or current, frequencies, and specialty functions such as DC splitters, add/subtract modules, and a range of alarm trip units with 1, 2, or 3 configurable setpoints. In the end, there are literally thousands of possibilities with one cohesive family of products.

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Small on DIN Rail Space Big on Capabilities, Features, and Performance

The UniPakHD delivers the highest density package available (less than 0.25" thick!), while still providing high-performance signal conditioning, isolation, and alarm trip functionality for a wide variety and range of process signals. All units are wide-ranging and field configurable and operate over a wide temperature range in high-demanding environments.

This product family includes wide-ranging units for DC, TC, RTD, and Frequency Inputs, along with two-wire (loop powered) units for DC, TC, and RTD. A loop isolator that works with HART 4-20 mA loops. All units are DIP switch configurable for custom ranging, can be powered either from front or DIN mount 'power foot' connectors, carry UL/CSA approvals, and provide performance better than a product that costs twice as much (and taking up four times the space!). The UniPakHD is truly a breakthrough in signal interface technology.

This ever-growing family of products is built to demanding specifications by our exclusive signal conditioning partner company, Seneca Instruments. Seneca is the leader in innovative signal conditioning products in Europe, and together we are expanding their capabilities around the globe.

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Action Pak Replacements Made Easy From ioSelect

With more than 30 years of experience in signal conditioning technology, you can trust ioSelect to have the product you need with the plug-in compatibility that you require. This is why we offer the industry's widest range of plug-in 'paks', the AccuPak family. From the industry-standard AP4380 to one-of-a-kind specials, ioSelect is your 'one-stop shop' for all your "AP" needs.

While the AccuPak shares the industry standard pin-outs and familiar relay-style packaging that proliferates instrument panels around the world, this is where the similarities end. In just about every technical area, the AccuPak family outperforms the other 'clones' in the market hands down. For example, the AccuPak AP4380 boasts 3-way isolation of better than 1,400 V (not 500 V, like some), and a 4-20 mA output drive of 1200 ohms (not 500 ohms, like some), and a response time of less than 100 msec (not 200 msec or greater, like some). Spec for spec we're better performing, and with our lower price and quick off-the-shelf delivery, the AccuPak is also the better value. For all your signal conditioning needs, ioSelect has your back and your 'Pak'.

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Two-Wire Temperature Transmitters

When it comes to high performance and value in two-wire transmitters, nothing beats the two-wire transmitter family of products from Seneca Automation T-120/T-121. With universal configurability and a wide range of temperature assemblies, and accessories, specifying the solution you need has never been easier and less expensive!

The two-wire transmitter family consists of high accuracy, configurable field mount temperature transmitters, and high-accuracy transmitters for measuring AC and DC currents up to 40 amps. All two-wire transmitter products are loop powered and provide a 4-20 mA DC output proportional to the temperature or current they are monitoring.

These products are designed and manufactured by Seneca Automation , our exclusive signal conditioning partner company. With leading-edge technology and a high-tech manufacturing process, we are able to deliver a high-quality, high-performance product at a fraction of what others charge for their 'low cost' products. Two-wire transmitters are designed to provide performance without the sticker shock.

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Signal Conditioning Accessories

Remote Telemetry Solutions

Kingfisher RTU

kf family

ioPro™ Din Rail IO

The ioPro family provides a comprehensive set of high-density DIN rail mount IO modules, controllers, ioMappers, and wireless data links that allow modular, scalable system expansion for any application. With ioPro, you just snap the modules together on a DIN rail, wire up your sensors (no isolation or signal conditioning required) to the removable front panel screw terminals, connect your Modbus, Ethernet, or wireless connection, and go!

ioPro provides the highest level of isolation and accuracy available in its class, operates in the most extreme temperature environments (up to 176 °F), and provides the best price-performance ratio on the market today!

Using standard Modbus addressing, up to 127 modules can be connected together. ioPro supports input to output module 'mirroring' (for cable concentration applications), and with an array of logic, mapping, and interface options. Even the most complex application requirements can be met.

Kingfisher RTU IsaGRAF IO

The Kingfisher Series is the only remote terminal unit (RTU) line that features an embedded programming and configuration environment as well as the extended memory and power of a PLC. Kingfisher systems are particularly well suited for large, demanding measurement applications that employ central stations. With its Toolbox Plus software, the series incorporates an ISaGRAF integrated operating environment with configuration, IEC 61131-compliant programming, development, and maintenance in one simple-to-use package. The result is an easy-to-configure remote terminal unit solution that achieves exceptional performance. The Kingfisher Series combines the benefits of advanced processor and software technologies with the reliability of proven I/O modules and communications options.

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Applying Internet and IP Technology to Monitoring

The T-Box LITE is an all-in-one package that brings full web server technology, SMS reporting, small measurement, and telemetry outstation applications in a low-cost SCADA solution. Our compact, standard design, and innovative technology enable real-time access, anywhere, with a standard web browser. T-Box LITE is an ideal solution for small applications requiring up to 32 I/O points. The self-contained system gives you everything needed to create high-performance, yet economical SCADA, and telemetry outstation applications. Now, you can receive alarms at your site remotely using a cell phone. Automatic alarm escalation allows maintenance personnel to receive unacknowledged alarms and innovative push technology allows you to receive alarms as they happen without having to poll a device.

T-Box LITE has Semaphore’s unique Plug & Go technology, allowing the distribution of your full site configuration on a single MMC card. In addition, the T-Box LITE system includes an onboard web server, advanced programming using ladder or BASIC, up to four communication ports, and an intelligent uninterruptable power supply all in a compact, rugged, and metal DIN-mount housing.

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T-Box WM™


T-Box WM Internet IP Technology for Remote Monitoring

T-Box WM extends advanced monitoring, automation, and telemetry capabilities to processes requiring as few as one or two measurements in locations that have no power or are hazardous in nature. Numerous integral features built into the T-Box WM provide the functionality users need at such locations. Only the affordable, ultra-low power, ultra-capable T-Box wireless monitor allows you to stay connected and in all your remote assets with the full power and feature set that you would expect from a T-Box RTU.

T-Box WM with IP66 weatherproof housing monitors tank-levels, gas-line pressure, water levels and remote assets in hazardous locations without power. T-Box WM extends advanced monitoring, automation, and telemetry capabilities to processes requiring as few as one or two measurements. Only the affordable, ultra-low power, ultra-capable T-Box wireless monitor allows you to stay connected and in of all your remote assets with the full power and feature set that you would expect from a T-Box RTU.

The fully integrated, IP66 weatherproof housing is available in carbon or stainless steel. This ready-to-install solution includes single or redundant lithium batteries, a PSTN or wireless communication device, I/O for end device interfacing, and optional liquid crystal display. Optionally, the DIN rail-mounting package presents a very compact footprint for installation within equipment enclosures. All communications and battery features are available with this package as well.

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Distributed Automation Z-SG Bridge Input Isolating IO

The Z-NET family of products provides the correct balance of modularity, scalability, IO mix, functionality for projects requiring a lot of power in a small amount of space. This product provides the flexibility to design and configure the system with a standard set of open and well-documented tools. But don't let the small size fool you, the Z-NET products pack a punch when it comes to flexible and powerful distributed automation at a single or several sites connected together.

The heart of the Z-NET system is the powerful 32 or 64-bit RISC CPUs. In addition to the powerful PLC/RTU functionality they provide, the Z-NET CPU is also a web server, data logger, Ethernet Bridge, and Modbus master/slave. It supports up to 32MB of RAM (for logic) and 64MB of flash memory (for data). It also has battery-backed RAM for retention of key variables.

The Z-NET IO and special function modules enable an extremely capable, distributed system capable of handling direct connection to virtually any process variable including DC, V/I, thermocouples, RTDs, bridge inputs, frequencies, AC measurements, PID loops, and an array of digital IO functions. All units are Modbus compatible, and as such are connected easily using standard RS485 wiring.

The Z-SG Bridge Input Isolating IO module features 6-wire Bridge connection, excitation for 1 - 4  350 load cells and 1500 V 3-way isolation. Dip switch configurable. Flexible din-rail mount.

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